I should have your package with USPS within three WORKING DAYS, so you need to be aware of U.S. holidays. If the USPS isn't working, I may wrap it up very nicely, but it won't go out the door until their doors open.
It really depends on where you live how quickly the package gets to you. So, the UK and AUS must be especially patient. If I have your email address, you will be kept apprised of your package movements from when it's wrapped, postage placed on it, and in the hands of USPS. I mean to please!
At this time I will be taking payment through PayPal. If this changes, this FAQ will also change.
Yes and No. There is no additional charge for insurance unless you feel safer adding in which case you just need to add it into your payment with a note to me through my email address.
Yes, I do which should be reflected in the shipping charges.
I will combine items IF POSSIBLE. Sometimes due to size combining items can actually cost more than separate shipping. When a package reaches a certain size the USPS charges an "oversize" fee.
Sure! If you are looking for an item and would like for me to see if I can help you find it, let me know. Going to estate sales happens to be a favorite weekend pastime. Usually, I would expect to charge you an additional 30% over whatever I paid. This is negotiable. I would not buy large items as you can see by what's currently in my store.